To-do list: A Productive Key To Unlock Growth

A lot of things are talked about and discussed in relation to productivity each day.  On the internet when you search the term productivity you would find multiple hacks, tips, techniques, expert talks, etc.

But before productivity hacks, productivity-boosting tips, etc. it’s important that we talk about the basics. Our focus here is to tell you why a basic habit that is at the center of lifting productivity is something you should make a part of your routine. A to-do list. 

You probably know that it’s important, and have read a lot about planning and schedules but how many things do you put into practice? Maybe 10% or even less. If you did follow that religiously then you weren’t reading this, right?

Cutting long things short let’s see some major reasons why a to-do list is necessary to unlock growth by boosting your productivity.

A path a vision

If someone says you reach a particular place in the morning, then what would you do? Well, you would try to find out the route to reach that location. Similarly, doing tasks is something you know (like you know you have to reach a place) but without a to-do list, you don’t know the path, that is what to do when, and what is the priority of each task.

With a to-do list, you can see the progress of your day through the list of tasks with priorities assigned to them. Thus, you don’t have to waste the early hours of the day planning the day, rather you know the tasks to be done right from the start.


When you write a task in a list and set a priority for it you commit yourself to do that task. Say for example you have been planning to reach out to the leads you gathered to pitch your product or services on the call. However, the meetings and assignments have kept you busy.  Now, when you commit a 2-hour slot in the day for calling the potential leads then you know well in advance that today I am going to do the task.

So, in a way, your subconscious mind registers the task and then makes you follow the commitment as you move through the day as per the plan. Using online digital management tools like Task Tracker you can create a task list and assign tasks to your team creating a commitment to be fulfilled within the deadline. 


Focus is crucial for productivity which in turn is crucial for growth. When you know that there are things to be done and there is a specific time within which they have to be finished there is less scope for deviation. 

When you know that you have to reach the airport by 5 A.M and take a flight then you know what to do and what time in hand you have. Thus, you won’t be deviated towards doing any other task at that time. A to-do list does a similar thing for you by reminding you that you have a certain time for the task to be done as you have to catch up with other assignments listed for the day. 

With Task Tracker you can enhance your focus on tasks as the tool sends you regular WhatsApp and E-mail reminders about deadlines making sure you maintain the sanctity of submission. 


A plan in itself is accountability to yourself for fulfilling the expectations you have set for the day. The tasks you list for yourself and your team in a day act as the accountability for you and each of the team members to be lived up to. 

Say you have set a task for yourself to exercise daily, the task in a list asks for your accountability at the end of the day whether it’s done or not. In a sense, it also acts as a motivation to reach the end of the list by doing all things on time. This way you become productive in each task you do as you know there is other work lined up and you have to finish this task in this much amount of time only.






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