Absolutely! Task Tracker is specifically designed to help small businesses with teams consisting of members with limited digital skills. The application is intuitive and easy to use, making digitalization accessible to all.

The main features of Task Tracker include attendance with geo-location, daily tasking, WhatsApp notifications and reminders, payment reminders, and automated reports on WhatsApp! These features enhance efficiency and accountability within your business operations.

Yes, Task Tracker is designed to improve efficiency and accountability by streamlining processes, ensuring the timely completion of tasks, and providing real-time insights through reporting and analytics.

Yes, Task Tracker is fully integrated with WhatsApp, enabling seamless communication and updates for effective team collaboration, Zoom and soon integrating with Alexa. We also provide a customized integration!

Task Tracker is both a web and mobile application. You can access it conveniently through web browsers on desktops and laptops, as well as through the mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

Using Task Tracker offers several key benefits for businesses:
Enhanced Efficiency
Improved Collaboration
Accurate Reporting and Insights
Simplified Communication
Accessibility and Ease of Use
Cost and Time Savings

Yes, attendance settings can be customized so as to align with your organization's specific requirements. This could include setting up work hours, leave types, and more.

Yes, Task Tracker marks the attendance with geo-location.

Yes, Task Tracker provides a feature that allows managers to receive attendance reports of their team members.

Yes! Task Tracker offers the ability to track billable hours with the timesheet feature. This allows for easy & reliable tracking of each individual or team's time for accurate client billing associated with every project.

Yes, Task Tracker offers reporting features that generate summaries and insights based on the timesheet data, enabling you to analyze time utilization and productivity.

Yes, Task Tracker allows you to edit or modify your timesheet entries in case you need to make any corrections.