Values That The Task Tracker Engineering Team Uses

Workforce management is a make or break for every organization. Management often spends huge effort in communicating, coordinating, and assessing the performance of its employees. Even as an individual, we often spend considerable chunks of time assessing our work deliverables, and often an ad hoc assignment makes things messy for us. People who are performing leadership roles often spend hours in meetings to track deliverables. Reporting is another exhausting work and needs to be done repetitively to reduce productivity.

What is Task Tracker?

Task Tracker is an application created by Script Technology, a leading name for developing business applications and providing digital marketing solutions to brands for enhancing their online presence. Task Tracker is an innovative tool created using engineering best practices to deliver a quality tool to facilitate people management in a seamless manner.


It comes with a host of interesting features such as real-time reporting, geotagging, and integration with popular social websites such as WhatsApp for notification, calendar view, etc. which is sure to increase the return on investment for the company.

How to Use Task Tracker?

How to Use Task TrackerThe application can be accessed through your browser at Task Tracker. To facilitate convenience, its mobile application can also be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices from their respective stores. Usage of the application is simple with four easy steps consisting of adding an employee, its bucket or project, adding their respective tasks, and syncing with their WhatsApp account for real-time notifications.

The diverse set of industries where Task Tracker is already popular, such as e-commerce, real estate, consulting, I.T. industry, education, and business coaching speaks volumes about the value add the tool is providing. Using the latest technology, both for the front end and backend means that the application is robust. Besides being a secure application whereby data is reliably stored to prevent any data leaks and comply with the regulations of the country. Its simple, intuitive front-end designs allow users to navigate through the application seamlessly and explore different features.

The application is created to cater to organizations of any size and any performance bottlenecks have been mitigated. Task Tracker allows reports to be generated for assimilating the deliverables better. It helps in planning the future roadmap effectively. Attendance management has been simplified, reducing the overhead for the payroll or finances team. The application also assures coordination even when employees are working remotely.

Download the Task Tracker app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store and keep your people management woes at bay.





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