How To Track Employee Attendance For FREE.

Do you feel that your workplace efficiency can be improved?

Do you feel that despite introducing various industry best practices, workforce engagement and management can be done better? If both these questions meet with a resounding nod from your end, it’s time to use a customized tool created by Script Technology which has many years of expertise in providing developmental solutions for web as well as mobile applications. They also provide tailor-made solutions to improve the digital outreach of different organizations and improve the brand outreach.

Task Tracker, a tool by Script Technology is available both as a web application as well as a mobile application which facilitates the usage of the tool from anywhere with equal ease. Access the web application of Task Tracker from your favorite browser at Task Tracker. One can also download the Task Tracker application for free on both iOS as well as Android mobile devices with utmost convenience.

The application has a simple login which can be conveniently done with the specific credentials which have been created for each user. Usually, the application does not require a licensing fee but companies with large workforce purchase licenses for additional rights. It comes with a host of features which includes the ability to create tasks and assign priority to them. Assignment of tasks can also be done based on the permission level of the user.

Tracking of each task can be done easily with an intuitive interface which helps in work management for individual employees. An individual or group of individuals managing the employees can view the undertakings of their employees and then reassign or change the priority of the work. This prevents a lot of overhead of meetings which in turn improves productivity.

To make the Task tracker tool versatile and to map the specific requirements of various industries such as e-commerce, telecom, production, and manufacturing, features such as geotagging are facilitated by the application. This feature on the application stores the location of the employee when a particular task has been completed. This helps in real tracking of the employees. Various employees in the I.T industry work in different time zones to cater to global needs.

The Task Tracker tool helps in recording the working hours of each employee as well as helps in identifying the time taken by employees to complete each task assigned to them. This application allows efficient work management by promoting workforce accountability at the workplace.






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