Here’s How Task Tracker Helps Consultants Boost Their ROI By 300%

Do you feel that people management is time-consuming, cumbersome, and often underrated? Do you feel that work productivity is likely to increase when the overhead of the workforce is simplified? If the answers to both the above questions are a resounding yes, then you are right.

Sometimes industry best practices fail to deliver results as each industry has dynamic needs besides specific needs whose solution is not simple. But you can simplify and enhance your workforce productivity and coordination using Task Tracker. The Task Tracker application is created for the purpose of online task management by Script Technology.

Script Technology is a well-known name for developing applications in different technologies which work on different mobile platforms and as web applications. This application helps in resolving and simplifying people management. Task tracker is available for download on both Apple Store and Google Play Store and is effective for taking care of diverse business requirements for different industries. It provides a convenient means to manage people working remotely from the comfort of their homes and the workplace alike.

Task Tracker has facilitated a high return of investment as much as 300%. With an easy sign-in procedure, this app is easy to navigate with its intuitive and user-friendly interface which assures greater usability. For a large business, a license can be issued which facilitates the creation of different roles or business groups, for e.g., the manager has the permission to assign and monitor the task assigned to the people under their supervision. Priority can be assigned to the tasks and an individual or manager can track specific tasks.

Any ad-hoc requirement can be catered to and can be notified to all the respective teams. Task tracker can be integrated with different social platforms such as WhatsApp to provide instant notification update developments for a high-priority task. A simple three-step procedure is all it takes to work on the application. Every user with its unique authentication credentials can create tasks, update its status, and monitor people as per the role group.

Based on the user punch in and punch out time their work hours can be calculated. Geotagging allows recording of the location of the employee for work purposes. It is a lucrative offering for industries such as production telecom etc. Download Task Tracker, the online task management software from Script Technology, to manage the workforce and enhance productivity.





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