5 Reasons Why Sales Tracker is the Best Tool for Growing Your Sales and Revenue

Converting your customers can be challenging when you have leads coming from various sources. Because your sales team may be relying on a patchwork of spreadsheets, sticky notes, and scattered notes across multiple apps, leaving them unsure which leads are most qualified, interested, or ready to buy.

Many potential leads are waiting for your attention. But your sales team doesn’t know which one is the most qualified, interested, or ready to buy. This inefficient system can lead to overwhelmed sales teams, wasted marketing efforts, and a sense of frustration.

To handle your client data effectively and convert your leads into customers, you need a better and more innovative way. That’s why we created Sales Tracker, a tool that makes sales tracking easy and fun.

In this blog post, you’ll learn 5 key benefits of using Sales Tracker to skyrocket your deal closure rates and take your business to new heights.

Benefits of Sales Tracker

To take your business growth to the next level, you need a tool to optimise your sales process and increase your revenue. Sales Tracker is one of the most innovative and affordable sales tracking tools for businesses of all sizes across various industries. Here are the top 5 benefits of using Sales Tracker.

Increased sales efficiency 

Sales Tracker streamlines sales processes and reduces repetitive tasks to help you increase efficiency. For example, with Sales Tracker, you can:

  • Categorise client data based on priority, such as cold, warm, or hot leads.
  • Visualise the sales pipeline to see where each prospect stands, whether they’re at the follow-up, call, meeting scheduling, or proposal stage.
  • Effectively manage your sales pipeline and move prospects to the next stage after each interaction.
  • Simplify follow-ups and proposal sending with customisable templates and reminders.
  • Get real-time updates via email and WhatsApp for any prospect-related actions.

Improved sales team productivity 

Sales Tracker helps you to empower your sales team to work more productively. It gives you visibility to real-time data and insights. Using a sales tracking software, you can;

  • Add, edit, or delete team members and assign them prospects and targets.
  • Monitor the performance of your team members by tracking the status of assigned prospects in the pipeline and average deal closing time.
  • Based on sales data, you can provide timely feedback to your team members and help them boost productivity.

Optimise Sales Pipeline

By optimising the sales pipeline, you can close deals faster. For example, using a sales tracking software, you can:

  • Store client data based on interest, channel, and purchasing power.
  • Filter prospects by the deadline, priority, product, or current stage, ensuring that the most urgent leads receive your sales team’s attention.
  • Send proposals to your prospects using customisable or default templates.
  • Categorise your prospects as closed or lost, revenue amount and reasons for losing deals.

Increased revenue 

Sales Tracker helps to increase revenue by improving deal closures and team performance. Using Sales Tracker, you can;

  • Compare targeted versus actual sales to track progress towards revenue goals.
  • Analyse product-wise sales breakdown to identify top revenue-generating items.
  • Use the spotlight feature to recognise the fastest closed prospects, maximum closures, and highest monthly sales.

Better customer relationships

Sales Tracker sends reminders for any action needed to move your leads forward in the sales pipeline. You can follow up with your customers on time and provide them with personalised solutions. You can also:

  • Easily store your client data manually or in bulk using a spreadsheet.
  • View their details, such as name, phone number, email, company and designation.
  • Add more information to your contacts, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and tags to send personalised greetings on their special dates.

Bottom Line

Now, you understand how Sales Tracker can simplify your sales process and help you manage your sales team more effectively and reach your revenue goals faster. It’s time to empower your sales team and grow your business with this innovative tool.

You can try Sales Tracker for free or book a demo with one of our experts to understand how Sales Tracker can fit your needs and preferences.





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