Working Remotely: A Quick Guide To Managing Tasks And Being Productive

Remote working comes with its own sets of pros and cons. While pros like the flexibility of work, saving travel time, and getting the work-life balance right are cool, the cons like laziness and a fall in productivity are matters of concern. Now, remote working is a new normal that is here to stay (and obviously it has benefits as you see) so it’s better to adjust ourselves as per this need.

While many of you might have aced that part over the last 2 years but for the majority, this is still an issue. Here we would look at some easy and practical tips that would help you eliminate the domination of procrastination and low productivity in your work-from-home environment.

Setting A Routine

For 9 out of 10 people laziness comes when they don’t have a clear plan or routine to follow. When you are clueless it’s easy to be trapped by the thought of taking a break, sitting relaxing, and so on. Create a plan right from the start of your day that includes both your personal work and routine office work. Your plan should be ready the night before (as we discussed in our earlier blogs, your day starts yesterday night) so that when you wake up you know exactly what you have to do.

With tools like Task Tracker, you can create a list of tasks to be executed throughout the day. The benefit of this is that Task Tracker sends regular reminders on WhatsApp to help you be on track with work. Further for recurring tasks, you get reminders early in the morning.

Connect With Colleagues

In remote working what you miss the most is social connection. That tea breaks with colleagues, little chit-chat refreshes you up. Use the same refreshment technique here. Connect with your team on video calls during the work breaks and share your experiences.

Tea or coffee together over a call would help you relax and connect with the team. Task Tracker helps you in setting team meetings on Zoom instantly. So, you can connect with your colleagues as and when you want. You can allocate time for such interaction in your schedule and add your colleagues so that they also get reminders of the same.

Monitor And Change

Monitor your progress over a week, 10, or 15 days to see whether the schedule and changes are working for you or not. You can see your productivity assessment with infographic reports of Task Tracker. The report puts forward the task you closed and the time you took for them.

If you find that your productivity missed the target you wanted, sit and see which tasks took more time, and where you are falling. Make changes and go on with the tweaked schedule. Then repeat this monitoring process. Over a period of a month or so you would see a net positive change in productivity.

Take Up Physical Activity

Since you have saved time from commuting to the office and back it’s important you use some portion of it for exercise. Not only it is a healthy activity but scientifically too it sets the tone for the rest of the day. You get feel-good vibes and over a period of time, you would see that you are less lazy and more active. Here we are not telling you to join a gym (it’s good if you can) and workout harder rather you should start slow with lighter exercises like walking, jogging, etc.

Make it a routine and see the change. Though this list can go on and on, that won’t be helpful because we promised to discuss practical tips. And so far we have discussed the major 4 elements that can help you to be productive from your remote work setup. To get Task Tracker to help you aid in your journey you can click here and sign up. It is a Zero cost tool and brings the best of features to your table (as we discussed above). Until next time.






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