Task Tracker Suite: A Complete Package For Scaling Your Business

Scaling a business is a challenge and it takes some patience and perseverance. While these 2P’s (patience and perseverance) form the core and take time, there is something that you can fasten up in the process. What we are talking here about is the management of the work and sales that require day-to-day efforts. There are tools that help you digitize processes and make team management, work allocation, sales tracking, etc easier. But there comes a problem that hinders progress. The problem comes in face of questions like:

  1. Which tool to choose from out of the tons of options available in the market that best suits my needs

  2. Where can I get everything under one roof as a complete package?

These questions are genuine. And as a user, you want everything simple and sorted so that the solution helps you solve the bigger purpose which is scaling the business, and not engage you in the mystery of how to use it better. Task Tracker SUITE clears that mist and makes things simpler by bringing work, team, and sales management under one roof.

A SUITE that suits all business needs

Task Tracker SUITE is crafted with the aim to offer businesses a single-point platform from where they can manage everything with ease. The SUITE is a combination of 2 tools that is

  • Task Tracker Premium

  • Sales Tracker

Task Tracker Premium

Task Tracker Premium is a tool that takes the work and team management experience one step ahead of Task Tracker. With Task Tracker Premium you can:

  • Automate the division of work in the team
  • Create reminders of tasks and deadlines that are sent to WhatsApp and Email
  • Add instructions for tasks via voice notes
  • Track daily work productivity with Time Sheets
  • Track the employee’s location via GPS tracking at the time of login and logout
  • Send reminders to clients, vendors, etc with External alerts

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Digitization of your work management with Premium takes away all the distraction and diversion towards manual people management and shifts the entire focus on the core business activities.

Simplify Sales ecosystem: Sales Tracker

Sales Tracker comes as a solution that synchronizes your sales management in a productive, transparent, and effective way. Its Industry relevant features like:

  • Team beat: That captures the live location of the sales officer
  • Proposal Distribution and Management
  • Lead Capture and Distribution
  • Client Data Management

Make the management of the entire sales cycle so easy that even a low-skill sales officer can handle things on his own. So, as you see, Task Tracker SUITE infuses the dose of technology and digitization to cut the distractions and manualized workflow bringing a new lease of life to business operations.

Try and feel

The SUITE comes with a FREE 7days trial so that you can see and feel how it brings in the change in your business. And when you get used to the best quality business experience then there are always discounts on the upgrade. Click Here to start your journey of a hassle-free business.





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