Task Tracker: How It Helped Finance Firms Multiply Their Growth

Documents, approvals, authorization, verification, compliances, and what not. A typical day of work in financial or legal service firms is full of tasks, tasks, and tasks. To ensure a smooth flow of work the adoption of task management tools is an inevitable thing in such a scenario. Every firm aims to grow and growth is determined by how effectively you manage your tasks on day to day basis.

This makes it important that optimum productivity is maintained by the workforce and it grows over time to bring in results. Effective task management can translate into 4 fold rise in operational efficiency and a 3-fold rise in business.

All this begins with proper task management in face of division of work, followed by proper tracking based on certain measurable metrics. A smooth flow of instructions, regular updates with deadlines, and assessment of progress reports takes things further. Putting all this together in one place is Task Tracker. An online task manager that has all the features that infuse productivity in your task management.

A tool that has bought 60% enhancement in work efficiency for its clients in under 3 months. The best part is you don’t have to pay anything. Yes, it’s a zero-cost tool that ensures your performance keeps scaling and the business keeps rising on the chart. In its revamped version the tool is more refined and focused on day-to-day operational enhancement. Some of the most rated and most liked features of the tool include:

  • Online task division and assigning. So, you can assign a task say a tax compliance task to your executive and they would get WhatsApp reminders to get it done on time.
  • App-based interface helping in marking attendance from anywhere with geo-tagging. Your legal assistant doesn’t have to come to the firm for marking attendance during important hearings as they can do so on the go and meet you at the court.
  • An interface that supports 7 Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, etc. This means, that your blue-collar staff say your drivers, and office boys don’t feel the barriers of English and access the information in their native languages, creating a more inclusive workforce.
  • Assign tasks based on priority and broadcast the message at one go to the team.

Task Tracker is transforming the way businesses manage their day-to-day task. This online team management software has bought a wave of efficaciousness to the user. Want to ride on to that productive path, then Signup and start the journey.





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