Stuck On Sticky Notes? It’s Time To Adopt Modern Ways Of Work Management

See your working desk, do you find those yellow sticky notes all around you? If yes, then you are stuck in the old way of work management. Saying so, we don’t want to discourage the practice of writing down the things to be done.

The point here is that would that sticky note remind you of the task? You would say yes, agreed but only till you are around the working desk. What if you are outside and the time to do a task is ending and you don’t have a sticky note to remind you of that? You would miss out on the task, right?

That’s where old ways of working methods act as a disadvantage and embracing the modern style of work management can be of aid. We used sticky notes as an example but there are many other old-style practices like excel based work assignments, manual attendance marking, email threads for leave approvals, etc. that are consuming a lot of time daily. 

Modern work management methods help save time & this saved time can be invested in productive work. Imagine if all employees start to save such time and invest that in productive work then how quickly the growth percentage of the firm would multiply?

Amazed, right that is our whole point of discussion.

Modern Work Management

Modern-day work is very dynamic. You have various departments, various roles, a number of employees working together at different paces, and efficiency. Post-pandemic remote working has come into the picture which has totally transformed the way businesses work.

Work management in such scenarios requires you to be flexible and open to change. There is no need to do things manually when there are tools that automate things. Modern work management is managed digitally through innovative software solutions.

These solutions cover the entire gamut of management be it for an on-field, office, or remote team. The best example of such a tool is Task Tracker. This Zero cost tool comes loaded with features that have the potential to digitize the work management of any firm.

What It Looks Like

Though you might have got an idea about digitized management, let’s give you a glimpse of how it looks.

We would try to see this through a typical work-day at any firm:

  • Starting from the attendance in the morning. All your employees can punch in to mark their attendance and going to the biometric punch-in is just not needed. The location of the employees is shared through the app as they mark their attendance.
  • As the employees start their day at work they already have been notified of all the tasks of the day on WhatsApp and email with their respective deadlines. No need for managers to call them and remind them about the work.
  • A team meeting that is scheduled in the afternoon requires no need for sending e-mails or reminders to each member. The entire team gets a notification with a meeting link via the team management tool.
  • The managers can assess the performance of the team members by logging in to the team manager and downloading the report. Infographic reports highlight the performance of each member based on measurable metrics. No need for maintaining an excel sheet for each employee.
  • Employees can apply for leaves and get it approved right from the mobile app. There is no need for long email threads with CC and BCC to get approvals. The managers, HRs, and team members can see the leave request easily from the mobile app and can give approval. The employee gets a WhatsApp message as soon as the leave is approved.
  • It’s the end of the day and everyone is logging out by clicking on the punch-out feature in the app. The logout time and location of the employee are captured.

So, does the work management at your firm look like that? If not, then that is how modern work management works. Don’t worry you don’t have to go for big changes. As we saw everything is managed via an innovative software solution called online team manager.

You just have to adopt that. And as we mentioned above Task Tracker helps you to bring this management with Zero investment. A free tool that can create a similar work management system in your firm. Try this now and switch to the modern style of working.






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