How Task Tracker Helps The IT Industry

People and organizations from across the globe have a common observation. An organization with bad practices is largely created due to a disorganized workforce which can cause huge implications. Despite following numerous industry best practices, some workplaces fail to understand the nerve of the organization i.e. their workforce and due to lack of discipline, accountability, and transparency end up making huge losses.

This highlights the need for a workforce management tool that can help track the deliverables of individuals across the organization. I.T companies showed resilience especially during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic largely because people were connected remotely and carried out their respective undertakings smoothly. Script Technology, a well-known company for developing quality web as well as mobile apps, created a new application called Task tracker. This tool was effective in resolving remote working impediments arising during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coordination was an overhead and employees were unable to track their deliverables due to several meetings. I.T. companies are also known for providing around-the-clock support for their projects. Team coordination and management in such a situation become hectic. Task Tracker addresses the needs of the organization and is an effective tool to facilitate accountability, trust, and coordination amongst people in the organization. It also saved the hassles of multiple meetings thus increasing work productivity.

Task Tracker is a workforce management tool that can be accessed as a web application and mobile application on both Android as well as iOS devices. Offering high usability, this tool has a simple, user-friendly interface that allows users to explore the application and perform a host of tasks on a daily basis without any hassle. Users can log in to the application using the unique credentials provided to them by their organization.

Task creation can be done by individuals and by managers for their team. Assignment of work priority helps the manager to delegate responsibilities among the team, promoting collaboration. Individuals can also view the tasks assigned to them on the dashboard and track their progress. They can also change the status of the task i.e. Mark completes when the task is completed or changes the status to in progress once the work on the assigned task has been started. Visit the task tracker app or download the mobile application and manage your workforce like never before.






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