How Location Tracking Can Improve Sales Teams Productivity And Performance

How Location Tracking Can Improve Sales Team’s Productivity And Performance

Managing a sales team requires many skills, strategies, and tools to ensure the team stays motivated, productive, and successful. But how do you manage a sales team effectively and efficiently, especially when your team works at clients’ locations? That’s where location tracking becomes mandatory.

Live location tracking is one of the best ways to manage your sales team remotely, as it allows you to monitor your sales team’s location and activity in real time. But how do you use live location tracking to improve your sales team’s productivity and performance? And what are the best tools that offer live location tracking features for sales teams? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this blog post. 

GPS Tracking To Boost Productivity And Performance?

GPS-based tracking helps understand if your field sales executives are at the client’s site, procrastinating, or spending work hours on personal tasks. Live location tracking can help you to:

  • Assign and distribute leads to the nearest and most suitable sales agent. You can use live location tracking to see which sales executive is closest to the client’s site and assign them to follow up and convert them.
  • Avoid traffic congestion and find the most suitable routes for your field executives. You can use GPS tracking to see the traffic conditions and road closures in your sales team’s area and help them find the best routes to reach the customer. Location tracking also helps you plan and optimise travelling routes and schedules, which saves time and fuel costs.
  • Sales tracking tools like Sales Tracker help you see when your sales team arrives and leaves a customer’s location and ensure that they deliver and follow up on their promises.
  • You can use geolocation tracking to see where your sales team is at any given time and ensure that they are safe and secure. Location tracking also helps you to alert your sales team of potential risks or hazards, such as bad weather, accidents, or crime.

How To Use Sales Tracker To Track Sales Reps

Sales Tracker is an online tool that makes managing sales processes and teams easier. Its Track Team feature helps you track your sales agents’ locations and activities in real-time. You can see where your sales team members are, what they are doing, and how they are performing. You can follow these steps to set up location tracking to manage your on-field sales team:

  • Sign up for Sales Tracker and create an account. You can sign up for a free trial or request a demo to try out Sales Tracker before you buy.
  • Enable the Track Team feature and configure the settings and permissions. You can choose which sales team members you want to track, how often you wish to follow them, and what data you want to collect and display.
  • View your sales team’s live location on a map and filter it by various criteria, such as name, status, and distance.
  • View your sales team’s activity log, check-ins, check-outs, meetings, and notes. You can also see their travel history, distance covered, and time spent on each task.
  • Export and share sales data. You can also create and share reports and insights on your sales team’s performance, such as follow-ups made, leads converted, revenue generated, and targets achieved.

Bottom Line

Live location tracking is a powerful feature that can help you manage your sales team effectively and efficiently. One of the best tools that you can use to access this feature is Sales Tracker.

Sales Tracker makes managing sales teams easy for sales managers and sales executives. With Sales Tracker, you can:

  • Manage your sales team.
  • Optimise your sales pipeline.
  • Track individual and team performance.
  • Gain insights about your sales process to make informed decisions.

You can try Sales Tracker for free. Sign up for a free trial and start using it today.





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