How Companies Are Using Task Tracker To Manage Their Organizations

Workforce management is an integral part of all organizations spawning across the globe. It is essential for strategically the productivity of its workforce. It assures efficient management which in turn translates to a high return on investment for any organization. Workforce management often involves myriad activities namely forecasting, scheduling, skill management, employee empowerment, timekeeping, attendance, etc. to name a few. Given that the work dynamics have changed as companies have offices around the globe and many companies still prefer remote working to keep up with the demands of the changing times.

Diverse industries such as I.T, Consulting Order Ticketing, Delivery Service, Real Estate Management, Ecommerce Store, Chartered Accountant, Education, and Business Coaching have their own specific requirements which make workforce management an uphill task. With the purview of catering to the diverse needs of industries, Script Technology, a well-known name for providing software development solutions has curated Task Tracker, the task management tool.

The Task Tracker comes with a simple, user-friendly, and intuitive interface which facilitates seamless navigation and exploration by any user. Download the app for Task tracker, conveniently for your Android and iOS devices from their respective stores. One can also access the web application from your favorite browser at Task Tracker.

Every individual will have their own specific credentials through which they will be able to log in to the application. With a host of interesting features such as user group creation, task creation, online attendance, geotagging, etc. Once an organization procures the license for the Task tracker tool, different user accounts, admin accounts, and user groups can be created. Tasks created by different users can be assigned priority and managed to one’s own or other users’ tasks based on the permission level of the user.

This application eases people and works management by increasing work efficiency and helps in promoting workforce accountability. It also facilitates the online attendance of its employees. A lucrative feature of the Task Tracker is the geotagging feature. Through this feature, the application can record the location of an employee. This helps in real-time management of organizations and helps in easing the pain point of workforce management, assuring high individual as well as organizational efficiency and productivity.






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