Best Task-Tracking Tool To Manage Remote Teams

Best Task-Tracking Tool To Manage Remote Teams

Ditch the outdated procedures of creating checklists on a notepad and keeping track of your tasks. It’s essential to have a technology-based tool to manage all of your work and information in this technologically advanced world. Task management tools play a crucial role in managing remote teams by facilitating task organization, offering notification features, enabling real-time communication, and more. Assigning tasks via emails or spreadsheets can be a little confusing in a remote organization where team members are located in different areas.

A task management tool works as a daily task tracker online for employees so they never miss any deadlines by getting notifications on time to complete the assigned task. In this blog, we will explore the importance of task management tools and discuss 5 best trask-tracking tools to manage remote teams.

Importance Of Task- Tracking Tool

Task-tracking tools provide many benefits to all types of businesses, especially to the ones that are in direct sales. Here are a few benefits of using a task-tracking tool:

  • It enhances productivity by making team members focus on important work and giving it priority. Providing task deadlines, reminders, and progress reports helps in effective planning.
  • With the feature of real-time communication and collaboration with other team members, it helps in sending each other updates and providing timely information.
  • All the tasks are centralized which helps eliminate the need for checking different applications for various tasks.
  • With end-to-end encryption, it keeps your data safe and secure from cyber theft. There is no need to worry regarding your information due to high data security.
  • It provides transparency among the managers and team members, as managers can see the progress report of their team, and team members can see each other’s tasks which promotes accountability.

Reasons To Choose Task Tracker 

There are various task management tools available online, but here are the reasons why you should choose Task Tracker over these 4 applications for your task management tool to manage remote teams :

Asana vs Task Tracker 

Asana is a task-tracking tool that provides any type of business whether large or small with a platform to organize work in one connected space. On a single platform, you can manage strategic plans, set goals for the entire organization, and complete tasks. 


  • Asana’s workflow is complicated, whereas Task Tracker’s is simpler and accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of technology.
  • Asana does not offer employee scores; while Task Tracker offers team member performance scores that can be compared.
  • In comparison with Asana, Task Tracker users can send crucial date reminders to individuals outside of their accounts.
  • Asana cannot send voice notes from within an application, but Task Tracker does.
  • Team members receive an automated WhatsApp notification; Asana does not send these notifications.
  • Asana is Western, but Task Tracker is vernacular because it is available in nine languages.
  • While Asana lacks geotagging, Task Tracker offers it for checking employees’ current locations. 

Trello vs Task Tracker

Trello offers a task-tracking tool that brings all your tasks, teammates, and tools together. It provides an amazing feature of customizable cases where you can start your workflow with already already-designed playbook you just need to customize it as per your need. 


  • Task Tracker is easier to use as compared to Trello as it can be started in 3 easy steps.
  • To get track of the work option of closing tasks with mandatory attachments is available in Task Tracker, while Trello does not provide such an option.
  • In Trello, you cannot assign tasks to multiple people including yourself, but Task Tracker provides such a feature. 
  • Trello does not have a feature to send a request for leave approval like Task Tracker.
  • Task Tracker provides a role-based dashboard for different dashboard views, Trello does not provide that.

ClickUp vs Task Tracker

ClickUp provides a single platform where you can manage all the things like task managing, collaboration, and setting goals. 


  • Task Tracker focuses on people management as well as project management while ClickUp offers project management features only.
  • ClickUp does not offer language flexibility, whereas Task Tracker is available in nine languages.
  • Both apps focus on integration with various applications but Task Tracker focuses on popular communication apps like WhatsApp that provide more convenience. 
  • While ClickUp is a comprehensive project management tool, Task Tracker provides features, especially for workplace management.

Todoist vs Task Tracker

Todoist offers task management and a to-do list application to make your work more effective and easy. It provides various feature that helps users manage their workload such as recurring tasks, due date notifications, and many more.


  • Todoist only offers task tracking but Task Tracker also offers solutions to streamline people management in the organization.
  • Todoist does not offer any feature of geolocation, while Task Tracker allows you to track the live location of the employees.
  • Unlike Todoist, Task Tracker provides a feature of business chat so you don’t need to use any other application for communicating. 
  • On Task Tracker you can upload bulk tasks in one go to simplify workload, while Todoist does not offer such a feature.

Wrapping Up

Task tracking tools play an important role in your busy life where you can’t remember and keep track of all your work manually, as it helps remind you of all your tasks so you don’t miss any deadlines. All the above-mentioned tools have their advantages for managing tasks in a remote work environment, you can choose as per your business needs. Remote teams can increase productivity, complete work before the due date, and have a secure application for their data by using appropriate tools. 


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