5 Productivity Tips That Can Change Your Business Game

Are you doing things regularly as per the plan but still not getting that momentum in face of business growth? How many times do we face this issue and go on to change plans? Ever thought about what was actually flawed – the plan or the execution? 9 out of 10 times it’s the execution that brings things down. However, instead of introspecting that part, we change course.

Execution is linked to the actions taken to implement the plan and most importantly how effectively those actions are performed. Since most of us struggle with the productivity part when it comes to scaling and growing the business it’s important to crack this puzzle. Taking a step in that direction here we would take a look at 5 quick tips for acing productivity that can change your business games.

Division of labor

You can do 2 things or probably 3 things on your own but that’s not enough as you are running a business, not a kitchen. Division of labor lies at the core of notching the productivity percentage up. Divide the work in your team in such a way that each individual has a balanced amount of workload to bring out the best of their efficiency. It’s like each one has sufficient food on their plate to satisfy their hunger and nourishment needs without going more or less. That’s where team management tools like Task Tracker can ease your path by helping you assign tasks to the team with voice notes and close the tasks with just a swipe. Remember growing a business needs you to get work done by the people and not doing all the work yourself.

Breaking things up

Don’t take it literally and start breaking things around you. What we are trying to say is breaking the bigger goals into the smallest actions that you can take on an immediate basis. Rome was not built in a day and nor can your business grow in a day. Be practical and take the actions that would cumulatively bring about the result for you. Say you want to reach out to a bigger audience then break this goal down into small actions and start preparing a social media campaign. Break down goals into tasks and put in all effort to complete those tasks on daily basis and that is how you put 100 percent at work.


Not everything on your daily to-do list has an immediate priority. Certain things have to be prioritized while others can be pushed down for the end. You have to check the tasks that you have listed as top of your priority are delivering the result on the growth front. Say for example if you want to grow the sales for the month, then the priority amongst the daily task is to call the potential leads and follow up.

It should not be searching for more leads and doing other stuff with the calling task being pushed to the end. You call when you are full of energy and attention at the start of the day. Thus, presenting your best to the client and building a higher possibility of getting the desired response. Using Task Tracker you can set a priority for your tasks from High, medium to low and thus segregate the actions based on their importance.

Review and Track

You cannot keep going with your actions without taking a pause to check what results they are yielding. It’s like moving in a car on a straight path without knowing the destination. Review the work you and your team are doing and assess things on an individual and team basis. Check the response to your actions be it a marketing campaign, new sales pitch, or product launch.

See how the business is responding to the actions. Making the tracking easy for you Task Tracker provides you with the option to track progress based on measurable metrics. So, you can check the performance of any of your team members and the team itself to see whether they are aligned towards achieving growth or not.

Communicate and Collaborate

Communication sets the tone for things to happen. How well, you connect with your team and how well you communicate internally and externally (with clients) defines the way you work. A collaborative approach with discussions and interactions followed by feedback and inputs for bringing things in line with the set goals is an important aspect of productivity enhancement. In this new remote setup where physical contact is minimum a team manager like Task Tracker helps you connect instantly with your team through messaging and video chat.

To make communication smooth you can converse in your own language with the multi-lingual support of 7 Indian languages apart from English. We hope that by now you know the things that you need to work on to boost productivity and change the game for your business. Put things in action and the results you need would be on their way.






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