Online Attendance

Online Attendance

Report to work from anywhere

Task Tracker enables your employees to punch-in to work from. This lets them get straight to work without having to come to office only to handle the attendance routine. Real-time synchronization of attendance status and location Task Tracker transparently synchronizes the attendance data with the server on a real-time basis with location for accurate reporting.

Configure Attendance Rules

Task Tracker gives you the ability to setup attendance rules for work times or flexible time for your workforce which ensures accurate reporting and easy payroll calculations.

Attendance Report

Task Tracker gives a detailed report of your team’s attendance records in real time. Managers and HR’s can view and download the attendance data of an individual users for a select date range or within a second decipher if an employee is present or not to better manage the tasks at hand.

Daily Tasks

Plan your work day efficiently as now you know work to be done is organized by priority and due date.


Employees get automatic reminders so they never miss a critical deadline even if the manager is not available

Instant Messaging with Remarks

Share comments on tasks or ask questions within the task and review anytime.

Groups and Projects

Organize your tasks into relevant buckets for better management.


Attach files from your computer to tasks or conversation.

Recurring Task Assignment

Assign recurring tasks for the week, the month or even the year and the system will make ensure they are completed and allocated again on time.

Calendar View

The assigned tasks can be easily viewed in a calendar format to check deadlines for you and your team at once.

Organise Task

Organise Task



Measuring strategic metrics to assess the performance

Task Tracker enables you to evaluate your employee’s performance as you can quantify their productivity.

Report Filters

Focus your report on a specific set of data for an employee for a specific period of time.

Export and Connect Reports to Other Tools

Export or connect reports to excel, which enables you to work with data outside of Task Tracker

Real Time

Get results in real time and increase your decision making agility and accuracy.